1. We will collect some of your personal information that might include, but is not limited to, Your name, facebook id, number, device id, unique identifier, IMEI number of the device, date of birth, address, location, age, email id, twitter handle, etc. (“Your Information”).
    2. By accessing, installing, keeping, downloading or using the Website, You consent to the collection, use and transfer of Your Information in accordance with the terms of this clause.
    3. We may also collect information about You, from any e-mails or letters that You send to Us. We will only use any such information in accordance with the terms of this clause.
    4. Any materials or information that You post, submit or upload to the Website or to Us may be visible to other users of the Website and will be stored on Our servers for the purposes of making the Website available. We advise You to be selective about what information You post. Please do not include any personally identifiable information that you do not wish to be made available to Us or to the public.
    5. We may receive information that You submit to any third-party sites You access from links contained within the Website, including without limitation any third-party payment processor or e-commerce portal provided by an e-commerce operator that may from time-to-time be made available to You via the Website. You should check the privacy policy of such third-party sites to find out how they will use your data. We will only use the information we receive in accordance with terms of this clause.
    6. We may collect information about the location of your computer or the device upon which you access the Website. We may also collect information about how the Website is used. Such information may include but shall not be limited to:
      1. login information (time of login and the number of logins);
      2. locations visited within the Website;
      3. character interactions within the Website;
      4. items purchased;
      5. items sold;
      6. levels completed;
      7. the number of times You share Website activity with friends;
      8. the number of Website invitations You send to friends; and
      9. such other Website related information.
    7. We may use this information for a number of purposes such as optimizing game play, application performance, security, and to help us provide more efficient customer support.
    8. Use of Your Information

      We may use Your Information for the following purposes:

      1. to administer Your account;
      2. to enable You to access and use the Website;
      3. to provide You with services;
      4. to display Your username and contact details to other users of the Website;
      5. to provide customer service in relation to Your use of the Website;
      6. to administer, support, improve and develop the Website;
      7. to contact User about the Website or to send You other content We think may be of interest to You;
      8. to promote our content and/or promote third-party products and services;
      9. to provide you with services that We think may be of interest to You;
      10. for sharing with You, our partners and service providers.
    9. Disclosure of Your Information

      Other than as expressly set out herein or as otherwise required or permitted by law, we will not share, sell or distribute any of the information You provide to Us without Your consent.

      We may disclose Your Information to:

      1. any third-party to whom disclosure is necessary to enable Us to provide User with the services to which You have opted;
      2. any person/entity to whom disclosure is necessary, in accordance with law, to enable Us to enforce Our rights under this clause and/or under applicable law; or
      3. any entity that legally acquires Viacom18 or its Website.
    10. We may disclose generic non-personal information in the aggregate (that is not specific to and does not identify You) to third-parties including but not limited to, third-party advertisers and/or any third-party developer that develops or modifies the Website for Us on Our behalf.
    11. You are advised that You should always be careful when submitting information about yourself within the Website and should only submit information that You consent to make public.
    12. Cookies

      The Website may use cookies to ensure proper function and so the User gets the highest level of satisfaction. Cookies are small amounts of information which are stored on the User’s device. They make it easier for the User to log into and use the Website. They also allow Users to monitor traffic and to personalize the content for the User. If a User does not wish Us to install cookies on Your computer for these purposes, You may change the settings on Your internet browser to reject cookies. Please note that if a User does set the internet browser to reject cookies, the User may not be able to use all of the features of the Website.

    13. Third-Party Sites and Contributors

      The Website may contain links to sites that are operated by third-parties. We do not control those sites and as such the privacy terms of herein do not apply to those sites. Please consult the terms and conditions and privacy policies of those third-party sites to find out how they collect and use Your personal data and to establish whether and for what purpose they use cookies.

      Advertisements contained on our Websites operate as links to that advertiser’s sites and as such any information they collect by virtue of Your clicking on that link will be collected and used in accordance with the privacy terms of that advertiser. We are and shall in no way be held responsible for any aspect of these third-party sites, including any products and/or services purchased or availed of by You from these third-party sites.